Maintenance service (Synclean™)

Freshen up and help extend you turf’s life with our artificial turf maintenance service (Synclean™). 
  • Artificial Turf Grooming: price starts at $ 89.00

Turf tends to mat down with normal use and foot traffic. Prolong its life by having our professionals clean and groom your turf.


Let us do the work the right way!


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Turf Doctors PE-51 Pet Urine Neutralizer

PE-51 is your natural solution for maximum waste degradation on any surface. Include a 32 oz Bottle with Max Flow Nozzle. [32 oz bottle covers 800-1400 sq ft oz].

  • 32 oz bottle with nozzle:  $ 18.99 + tax
  • 32 oz bottle application:  $ 29.99 + tax


ZeoFill Pet Odor Infill

For product to work efficiently to help control odors, the correct amount of ZeoFill has to be applied to turf as infill according to the size of the animal.

  • For small dogs we recommended using 1 – 1 1/2″ pounds per sq ft.
  • For medium size dog (40-50 lb) use 2 pounds per sq ft.
  • For large dog use at least 3 pounds per sq ft.
  • For multiple dogs use up to 4 pounds per sq ft.

50 lb bag:  $ 18.99 + tax

50 lb bag installed:  $ 29.99 + tax (installed with drop spreader and power boom).