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Installing artificial turf in your home can be an expensive investment at first, but in a 10 year period you are going to see a big return in your budget expenses. One of the biggest benefits of STI artificial turf is that there is little maintenance to keep it green and beautiful; on the contrary of natural grass that needs maintenance at least every two weeks.

With STI´s artificial turf you´ll save:

One of the biggest expenses with natural grass is water. In average you have to water your natural grass approximately 24.5 minutes a day, this means that your yearly expense of water is $1,500 approx. Multiplied by 10 years… Imagine what you can do with that money in your pocket.

Second to water waste are the chemicals that include buying seed killer, fertilizers, insecticides and paying labor. This expense reflects on your yearly budget around $1200 approx. This also multiplied by 10 years…. Your pocket is getting wider each month.

Third in expenses is mowing your lawn, this includes paying your neighborhood multitask kid around $20 every two weeks, and buying the machinery and equipment to do it, this is approximately $300 a year, multiplied by 10 years…. That´s right, all that money is just going away on your natural grass. Why don’t you change now to STI´s artificial grass?

Comparison table in a 10 year period:

Natural Grass Expense STI artificial grass Expense
WATERING $ 15,000 Watering $ 0.00
fertilizer, seed killer.
$ 0.00
MOWING $ 4,000 Mowing $ 0.00
TOTAL $ 31,000 Total $ 0.00

Note. These are approximate figures. Costs may vary depending on the lawn area.