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SoftLawn® Playground

Synthetic Turf Playground Surfacing Solutions

STI San Diego creates every residential, commercial or play area, focusing on 3 key factors: The safety of children, cost containment and the environmental impacts of the surfacing material.

The robust, entirely safe recreation surface is ADA/ABA compliant and consistent with all CPSC requirements. The surface exceeds national safety standards and is ASTM certified. In addition to the safe play characteristics of STI San Diego’s playground and play field turf, are its aesthetic qualities which are second to none. With Synthetic turf the surface is green, inviting, and lush. Children enjoy a grassy play area that is durable and safe. Facility owners and parents alike never again have to worry about exposure or contact with harsh chemicals found in pesticides and fertilizers.

Synthetic Turf International San Diego continually enhances their Commercial Playground configuration complete with fall zones, exceptional HIC ratings with all components being biodegradable and/or recyclable and lead free. STI San Diego products, do not support stain or odor causing bacteria, mildew or mold. Now we also offers in STI San Diego an infill product that combines the shock absorption performance of crumb rubber and the ballast performance of raw sand, while minimizing the health and environmental concerns and reduces the surface temperatures 20o – 30o F. With STI San Diego and our certified Playground Installers you can be assured every detail of your synthetic playground will be safe and ready for action.

The Advantages of SoftLawn® Playground

  • Lush natural look with a fresh cut appearance.
  • Clean and can be cleaned unlike other alternatives.
  • Soft and safe for kids with fall zone safety ratings to 12’.
  • ADA/ABA accessible play surfaces.
  • No more harmful fertilizing or pesticides, no more snakes, bugs or allergies.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Consistent performance over long periods of time and use.
  • Eliminates grass and other environmental allergies.


STI San Diego leads the industry with personalized Playgrounds.

A colorful play area add interest and fun as well as color, beauty and exciting gathering locations for children. This is a reason of why STI San Diego has a colorful line of “Nature’s Friends” such as a bright yellow BEE and a vibrant multicolored Butterfly which can be inset in any play area. Pre-designed, synthetic Hopscotch games are now being inset at larger facilities enhancing structured game use. Synthetic Turf International San Diego offers customized logos for your playground to personalize as you choose.

Requires No Water

Virtually Maintenance Free

No Chemicals or Fertilizers

Greater Safety

Recyclable Components