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Synthetic Turf Applications and Solutions

With Synthetic Turf International the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Whatever your vision for your space, we have the ability to turn that vision into reality. From tee lines to playgrounds to indoor sports fields, your project can be done right, with the latest and most proven installation techniques and the highest-quality materials available.

There are nine main categories of applications for our products. For more information, click on the link to the category that fits your needs. Once you’ve reviewed the options, take the next step and contact an STI representative to talk about using our team to help you make that vision real.

SoftLawn® Lawns & Landscaping

From lawns to rooftops and commercial areas, our synthetic turf products can meet and exceed your landscape needs.

We can fit our products into almost any type of surface: backyards, edgings, pavers, medians, and poolside areas. Unlike grass, our turf is built to withstand the environment, so your synthetic lawn stands up better to drought, shade and extra-damp conditions. No matter what your layout, you can create the look and feel you want while reducing the time, money and effort it takes to maintain your space. Our signature Softlawn® products are constructed with environmentally-friendly materials; they require no chemical treatments and are virtually maintenance free. When it comes to landscaping, whatever you imagine, we will help you build something to last for years to come. » Learn More

Putting Greens

Our selection of products extends over a versatile range and can meet many needs.

Choose between an indoor or outdoor facility, craft a Par 3 or replicate a favorite green. High traffic areas are no longer a constant maintenance issue, since our turf will easily stand up to continuous use.

David Ledbetter, a world-class golf instructor and coach for 25 years, has played on noteworthy courses around the globe and singles out the turf supplied by STI as being some of the best turf he has ever taught or played on. Whether it is a small or large scale installation, we have an experienced team to help make your course appear and perform beautifully. » Learn More

EZTee® Tee Lines & Hitting Mats

Tried and tested by the top golf clubs in the world, our EZ Tee® products have earned rave reviews at thousands of clubs since 2002.

STI has been the chosen provider for 17 US Open host courses and dozens of courses that are ranked in the top 100 in the world. The number one choice in tee line materials nationwide, our EZ Tee is the preferred way to improve your tee line. Top materials yield top results, so why not practice with the best that the industry has to offer?

Give your Tee lines the look and feel of a professional facility. Our synthetic turf is so incredibly similar in look, feel and performance to natural grass that you won’t notice the difference except in the maintenance costs. Synthetic tee lines give you one less worry, as the consistent performance will allow you to focus on what you‚Äôre there to do – practice your shot. » Learn More

Pet Turf

SoftLawn® Pet Turf is a proven solution for a myriad of applications for pets.

For both large and small breed dogs as well as cats and other domesticated pets, SoftLawn® Pet Turf is a safe, non-allegenic activity surface. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use in large or small areas, SoftLawn® Pet Turf is durable and resilient. The added bonus: it simply looks great.

For older dogs and cats, SoftLawn® Pet Turf is a surface that is easy on the joints and exposed areas of coat and skin. SoftLawn® Pet Turf also provides an innovative and sanitary solution for pets to relieve themselves during transport or while on vacation. The surface also works well during an emergency such as a hurricane or other inclement weather situations. » Learn More


For the safest, most environmentally friendly and low-maintenance option available, consider the choices for synthetic turf playgrounds and playfields.

Never water or mow this active area again, leaving more time for play while using fewer natural resources; eliminating harmful chemicals from pesticides or fertilizers. Our playground and playfield areas are more sanitary and resilient than other surfaces. They are also not affected by the elements, so you never have to worry about muddy or frozen play areas. Less maintenance, no chemicals, no watering, and environmentally sound construction make this the ideal solution for playgrounds. » Learn More

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