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The synthetic turf industry has become a fast growing market as more people discover the versatility, durability, environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness of today’s products. Tens of thousands of homes, businesses, golf courses, parks, schools and municipal facilities have installed synthetic turf for their landscape and recreation needs and forecasted demand is exceptionally strong. If you are interested in entering this market, we can help. Synthetic Turf International, one of the most respected manufacturers and installers of synthetic turf in North America, is recognized as having the highest levels of quality, ethics and support.

Working with us means you won’t be left on your own. Since (insert year), we have helped our network of more than 70 dealers grow their business from the ground up. Providing comprehensive operations, training, marketing, customer service and manufacturing support to dealers, STI stands behind every product we produce and our dealers stand behind every install. With a Synthetic Turf International partnership, you become part of a company synonymous with true craftsmanship that lasts and a successful group of entrepreneurs who believe a business should serve six essential purposes:

  1. Provide an exceptional product and/or service.
  2. Generate a good annual income.
  3. Maintain a positive image with anyone that you contact.
  4. Create a healthy bottom line that you can use to create wealth.
  5. Build enough equity so you can pass the business on to your children or sell for a profit.
  6. Generate sufficient cash flow to reduce or eliminate debt.

Partnering with Synthetic Turf International provides you access to vital knowledge that will allow you to focus on the business side of your company, helping you improve on efficiency and performance. You can expand your services, increase profitability, and enjoy a more streamlined business that allows you to excel within the synthetic turf industry. Ready to learn more? Complete this form and we’ll follow-up with you immediately!

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